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Usa vs. Fda Essay

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As the battle continues: USA vs. FDA

Jason Murph

Baker College

With interest of the big investors Americans are kept in the background of the primary focus from the FDA. This is the claim made Gary Null in the documentary “The War on Health”. The history of Null’s credibility comes from his profession in Dietetics-Nutrition. He is also a talk show host for Progressive Radio Network (PRN.fm).
Null owns Gary Null & Associates, a company that markets dietary supplements as well as a health food store in New York City In 2010, Null claimed that he was sickened and nearly killed by his own dietary supplements. He filed suit against a contractor involved in producing the supplement, "Gary Null's Ultimate Power Meal", claiming that the supplement contained 1,000 times the labeled dose of vitamin D and that it had led to the hospitalizations of 6 consumers poisoned by an excessive dose of vitamins. Null reportedly suffered severe pain and kidney damage from "Gary Null's Ultimate Power Meal", but continued consuming the supplement in the belief that it would relieve his symptoms. Although the director used the Pathos direction of persuasion on his audience there were times where facts and data used. Null used this direction to make a plausible argument.
Using Ralph Fusetola the director gives background on the path to the subject in the opening of the film   “the relationship between government approved standardized medicine and all the other healing arts the traits are clear back to the 1540’s”. He explains that after the first medical licensing act passed it made way for what is know today as the Herbalist Charter (est.1546). The Charter was passed by Henry the 8th and was known from there on as common law. The American colonies hence adopted those “common laws”. These common laws, explained by Null, could only be changed by legislature explicitly. Doctors and caregivers understand the charter as tradition but about a hundred years ago things began to...

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