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Ur Mum Essay

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Assignment 1 - Macro Research Paper –
DUE DATE -   Monday 13th April , 2015
All the assignments in this tutorial will be done as a group.
Once you have made your group - Choose an Australian Tourism destination (7 day package) to promote to your chosen target group/s in Vietnam.

Macro-environmental Research Paper for the country and product being studied this semester (Assignment worth 20% of your total score)

Each group is to write a research report on the feasibility of their chosen Australian Tourism Destination (7 day) product to be promoted to Vietnam.
Each group is to prepare a 2000 word report (+-10%) on the macro environment of Vietnam. It will cover a minimum of the Economic, Political, Legal and Cultural situation in Vietnam.
This report is a briefing document to be “given” to the Australian Tourism destination,   giving them full details of the elements they must consider when completing the final report on whether to launch their destination to Vietnam or not.
Group reports will be assessed using the following criteria:
1. Presentation of Macro environment research report
a. Executive summary (1-2 pages) (10%)
b. Spelling, grammar, expression, structure and flow (10%)
c. Referencing using Turnitin (15%).
2. Content of report
a. Introduction to the Australian Tourism Destination(15%)
b. Macro-environment research on Vietnam (50%)

This report is due by 5pm on Monday 13th April via the corresponding Turnitin button for the tutorial time on Blackboard. Reports MUST have received a Turnitin report less than 17% prior to submission. If they have a higher %, they will be marked down by a grade for every extra 10%. Try not to hand in reports with more than 10%. Only one group member (the group leader) can send the report to Turnitin. Nominate a team leader who will be the only person to do this.

Extensive research is expected for this Paper. As such the following rules apply in addition to the normal RMIT information about grading:...

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