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Web   Design
-Is a process of creating websites.
Websites are created using a markup language called html.
-Html stands for( Hypertext Markup language )
-A markup language is a set of markup tags
-Html documents are described by html tags
-Html tags normally come in pairs like <p>and</p>
-The first tag in a pair is the start tag; the second tag is the end tag
-The end tag is written like the start tag, but with a slash before the tag name
Web Browser
The purpose of a web browser is to read html documents and display them
Is a global network connecting millions of computers?
Www (World Wide Web)
Is a way of accessing information over the medium of internet
Connecting to the internet
-A personal computer with a web browser
-Access to a host computer
-A connection device
Domain name
-Are used to identify one or more IP addresses
Every domain name has a suffix that indicates which top level domain(TLD )it belongs to.
Top level domain
.gov –government agencies
.edu-educational institutions
.com-commercial business
.net-netwiork organizations
Internet address
-is a series of unique numbers that identifies a computer to the internet.Every computer that gets online has an internet address.
-A protocol for specifying addresses on the internet
-Internet protocol –is the primary network protocol on the internet
-Host name-alternatively referred to as a computer name or site name
-a system for sending messages from one computer to another computer

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