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Unveiling the Screen Helmet Essay

  • Submitted by: paolaajaz
  • on April 3, 2014
  • Category: Psychology
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Unraveling the Screen Helmet
March 7, 2014
San Jose State University

This paper explores Menkins’ website “Stop alien abductions,” and the different reasons why it is, and should be labeled Pseudoscience. This paper will also explore who is the main source of the website, and it will present facts; such as, two ways which it can be labeled Pseudoscience and Shemer’s Detection Kit. This will al be to reliably present the many ways this website and its product is solely Pseudoscience.

With the help of technology, a person living in a farm in Texas may see an airplane, and take a picture. Within a second that picture may be downloaded into the Internet, and two seconds later, more than a thousand people may be interpreting that dark spot with lights as a UFO. And it is exactly that, an Unidentified Flying Object, yet the problem is that people come to their own conclusions as to what that flying object is. With the help of Sci-Fi and fiction people now assure and testify that it is aliens who are in those flying objects, (the reasons as to why they come and what are their intensions in coming to Earth vary from person to person.) This has created many people to take more drastic measures to protect themselves against these aliens, as is the case with Michael Menkin, who has now even invented a form of protection against alien attacks and abductions.
According to Menkin, Alien attacks and abductions are happening; and is a matter which should be taken seriously, and one must take precautions in order to not be a victim of aliens. Menkin invented a helmet that almost everyone can recreate with everyday materials that can be found at almost every market. Menkin claims that if this helmet is worn everyday it will protect the person from aliens and from attacks as well as abductions. One hidden assumption is that aliens continuously follow the past abducted people and that aliens are constantly present in their life...

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