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Unknown Essay

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  • on March 31, 2014
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Feb. 29. 2012
English Essay

                It is unfair and mean to talk about peoples problems. James Agee once said “it
Seems…obscene and thoroughly terrifying…to pry intimately into the lives of an undefended
and appalling damaged group of human beings”. James Agee is right because in Migrant
Mother, Dorthea took a picture of Florence Owens Thompson and she published the photo in a
bad manor. Adrian Leblanc published an article called “Random Family” she made Jessica seem
very promiscuous.
                  In migrant mother, Dorthea took a picture of Florence showing a desperate moment
she was having. The picture showed Thompson’s kids around her and a very close view of her
face in despair. All the people who saw the picture liked it and Dorthea made a lot of money off
of it. Later on Thompson didn’t like the picture because she said it made her look helpless and
unfit which wasn’t true. Florence Thompson was a leader for the women during the depression
and she helped a lot of people. That picture was taking at the wrong moment and time.
In “Random Family” Adrian Leblanc talks about a family in the Bronx. Leblanc tells
readers about what a sixteen-year-old Puerto Rican girl named Jessica and her family goes
through. In “Random Family” Jessica is a girl with bright hazel eyes, a huge inviting smile and a
voluptuous shape and the boys can’t wait to have her. Jessica Mother is in a nice relationship
and one of her brothers is learning the drug game because every time he sees his father that’s
what he teaches him. Jessica is looking for a boy that will treat her right and actually be her
boyfriend but all they see her as a sideline girl and they just want to get inside her pants. That’s
how Leblanc portrayed the family and Jessica.

Nobody should talk about people behind their backs because they are just judging and
don’t know what’s really going on. It’s unfair and hurtful to others but people do it all...

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