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Unit Test, Part 2: Voices and Viewpoints Essay

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  • on April 16, 2015
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1. Think about the poems “We Real Cool” and “Invictus.” How are the moods similar? How are the endings different? Answer: We Real Cool and Invictus both deal with personal responsibility for your destiny (what happens to you). They are both instructive, and proverbial. The end differently because in one the "players" die and in the other they live and heed sound counsel and take charge of their life.2. Think about Robert Frost’s poem “Mending Wall.” What does “good fences make good neighbors” mean? Why does the speaker disagree with his neighbor about the fence? Answer: The speaker in "Mending Wall" questions his neighbor's stolid assumption that "good fences make good neighbors."   What he objects to is not the sentiment itself as the unwillingness or inability of the other to think for himself, to "go beyond his father's saying." His authority is that of "something there is . . .” that makes it so natural to equate "something" with the speaker. The reader joins the speaker in sympathizing with this mysterious "something" and hence in opposing the neighbor's unthinking defense of walls.   By the time the poem ends, this line has acquired some of the pat stupidity of a slogan. He said it for himself." Elves may mean not willowy things out of Tolkien but darker forces of the wood, for the next image is one of darkness. The neighbor is viewed as subtly menacing, "An old-stone savage armed." Yet this man has been the one to defend boundaries. 3. Briefly state the perspective of the speakers of three of this unit’s poems. Explain each speaker’s perspective and how it relates to the theme of the poem. Answer: From "We are cool" I think it is about having fun, enjoying life after finishing school and after having fun, singing and listening to music. This means that in life, after we leave school, we could enjoy ourselves and "lurk late, we strike straight, we sing sin, we thin gin, we jazz June, and after that we die soon." and relating to the theme of the poem, living a...

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