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Unit 4 Assignment 1 Ap1 Essay

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Which minerals are stored in bones?
                The most important minerals that are stored in the bones are calcium and phosphorus.
      2.   Which types of bone provide a large, flat surface area for muscle attachment?
                Flat bones are generally thin and provides extensive surfaces for muscles attachment.               Flat bones: scapula, cranial , the sternum and the ribs
      3.   Describe the location, composition, and function of the epiphyseal plate.
              Epiphyseal plate is located in the metaphysis and is composed of the hyaline cartilage and its function allows for bones to grow in length.
      4.   Which kind of bone marrow is in spongy bone?
            Red bone marrow is found in spongy bone.
      5.   Which ossification method would form a femur?
The femur, which is a long bone, is formed by endochondral ossification which is the replacement of cartilage by osseous tissue. most of the long bone body are formed by this process.
      6. Why is bone remodeling necessary when a person reaches adulthood?
It renews osseous tissue before deterioration sets in, it heals injured bone, and it redistributes bone along lines of mechanical stress.
    7. Which marking of the skull articulates with the first cervical vertebra?
The occipital condyles are the oval process with convex surface on either side of the foramen magnum and it articulates with the first cervical vertebra which allows a person to nod the head properly.
    8. Which bone forms the inferior part of the nasal septum?
The vomer bone forms the inferior part of the nasal septum.
    9. How many bones make up the upper limb?
The 30 bones of each upper limb include a humerus in the man, an ulna and radius in the forearm; 8 carpels in the wrist; 5 metacarpals in the palm; and 14 phalanges in the fingers.
    10. Which part or parts of the femur articulate with the acetabulum at the hip joint?
The head of femur articulate with the acetabulum and the...

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