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Unit 218 - Research Information Essay

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Unit 218 – Research Information

1.1: Give reasons for agreeing objectives and deadlines for researching information.
Agreeing on objectives and deadlines is key to any team or person as they can focus on one specific task and not waste resources and time. Deadlines can have a very direct impact on the research being carried out. One example of this is if a magazine writer has agreed a one-week deadline, they would not include the start day’s news, as the news will be outdated by time the magazine is published.

1.2: Give reasons for identifying and agreeing sources of information.
Identifying and agreeing on a source of information is the best way for big groups of researchers to carry out their work as it enables the group to work in uniform. The advantage of agreeing on a source of information is that there will be less room for errors and it shows that the source is widely trusted for its purpose.

1.3: Explain the purpose of recording and storing information researched.
The purpose of recording and storing the information that has been researched is that you have that information readily available if you need to quote anything from it at a later date, if the information is stored on a computer as well as on paper and the paper copy is lost, you can reprint the information.

2.1: Agree aims, objectives and deadlines for the information search.
Agreeing on the aims and objectives helps me to specify what I need to research and why I need to find it. Deadlines are important in my research as the reputation of the company can be negatively affected if I take too long on researching one area more than any other area, one example of this is if I spend more time researching schools in Liverpool more than I do on schools in Manchester.

2.2: Identify sources of information.
Information can come from numerous sources, for example, online knowledge banks such as wikipedia, online map services such as google maps or books such as yellow pages.


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