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Unit 1 Assignment 2 Essay

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  • on March 22, 2012
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BTEC National Diploma Health Studies

Unit 1

Developing Effective Communication in Health and Social Care

Assignment 2


In this assignment I will be talking about the different factors which may influence communication and interpersonal interactions in different health care settings. I will also be explaining in more detail the strategies that can be used by professionals in health and social care settings, the strategies can help to overcome barriers.


In health and social care settings it may be hard to communicate with some patients/ clients as they may have certain illnesses, learning disorders or hearing difficulties. There are a lot of different factors that may influence communicating and interpersonal interactions. In a care home setting it may be hard to communicate with residents that have dementia, this is because they forget things, get upset and in the last stages of dementia, they can become violent. This can influence the communication method between you and the resident, as they may not understand what you are trying to explain, also if they are upset it can be confusing and stressful for them. It will affect the conversation because they will be agitated and wont listen to what you have got to say.

Another example is in a special school for people with learning disorders. People who have learning disorders may have problems with reading and writing, this will affect the communication barrier as they cant show how they feel through writing and drawing. It will be stressful for them as it may make them feel worthless and they may get emotional if they cant do what is asked. To overcome this you should speak to the pupil and learn them to read and write in very small steps, also find the easiest way possible to learn them, then this way they may be able to understand more. Other pupils may have speech disorders this can stop interactions, as you may not be able to understand what they are saying. You should be...

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