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Uniforms Essay

  • Submitted by: kgunson
  • on August 22, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
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People normally never ask why they have to wear a uniform.   When they are told to put on one, they normally just go with it and say okay.   You have to wear a uniform for an abundant of reasons. Some of the time you get to pick what uniform you would like to wear and sometimes you are given it without a choice.   You are given that uniform to look as one.   It represents that you as a whole are equal without any differences.   You see it in the Armed Forces, Police, Emergency Medical Services, and many more. When dressing of the members remains the same, a sense of commonality develops amongst them.   Uniforms help people stand out in a crowd.   It shows people just who you are and what you are there to do.   Normally when you are at a event and you see two people in an Emergency Medical Technician uniform walking around, first thing that normally will pop in your head is, “there is an emergency” or “someone must be hurt or needs help”.   A uniform not only informs people who they are but it can also impose an effect on the people around them.   Some people will change their entire mood with the presence of a uniform.   Police for instance, when people are on the road and they know they are doing something wrong, they will stop speeding, texting, weaving in and out of traffic until they pass that cop and are out of sight.   Uniforms are a normal thing that you see every single day.
Although you see uniforms being worn, there is an importance to it.   Uniforms help people look united and eager to help people.   When a pleasant uniform is being worn, the people around them show more confidence in them.   Uniforms also show loyalty.   You are not a mess and you care about what you are doing.   I know if I needed any sort of assistance and there is someone who was in uniform but did not look like he cared, I would not go to him.   That leads me to dress code and responsibility.   In uniform, you want to all look the same.   Same tie, same shoes, same hat, and look no different then...

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