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Uniform Dress Code Essay

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  • on April 17, 2015
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​ Adopting a new school rule is similar to adopting a child. The school must stand behind the rule and nurture it into practice. Also, adopting a new rule is a big decision. In fact, it is a decision that many administrators struggle with today. Some believe that implementing a dress policy would equalize each student when it came to appearance. Others think that a uniform policy would restrict the students' ability to express themselves. In the school setting, a dress code would be beneficial because it would enforce the serious atmosphere of school, discourage development of cliques, and eliminate high cost of school clothes.
​ To begin, a dress code would be a positive rule to enforce because it would keep school a serious place to learn. Without a dress code, students may be distracted by the dress of other individuals, and this would keep them from staying concentrated on their schoolwork. In addition, when students begin to associate the clothes they wear in their leisure with going to school, they tend to take school less seriously. For example, if a pupil is permitted to wear pajamas or sweatpants to school, they will be more relaxed and the student's mind will have a tendency to wander. This does not mean that the school uniform must be uncomfortable, only that it must differentiate from clothing worn during free time.
​Next, another factor that supports a uniform dress code is the decline of cliques that would follow. Now-a-days, teenagers are very concerned about wearing fancy brands of clothing and flaunting certain styles. Therefore, individuals that share styles will tend to notice that about each other and henceforth cling to each other. This leads to the formation of cliques, groups of friends who disclude others so as to only keep to themselves. Often times these cliques will judge others and create a very detrimental experience for many students. Having a uniform policy would reduce the risk of these cliques forming whatsoever.

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