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Understanding the Meaning of Personalisation in Social Care Essay

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  • on August 17, 2015
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Below is an essay on "Understanding the Meaning of Personalisation in Social Care" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

1. Understand the meaning of personalisation in social care

1.1 Define the term ’personalisation’ as it applies in social care.
Personalisation in Social Care means that every person who receives support either in statutory services or self- funded, will have control over the shape of that support in all care settings
The term personalisation is still new to a lot of people, even unknown to some. Personalisation is not just about personal budgets but about having choice and control in many ways and in different settings, including basic needs such as been able to access public transport if a person is disabled, choosing the style of their bedroom, clothes and which toiletries they use.
In 2007 the government published “Putting People First”, which introduced personalisation as a way to make sure that people are at the centre of all processes, systems and ways of working. The aim of this was to give people the more choice and control in their lives by giving person centred support and by 2012 every adult would be in control of their care and support.
Personalisation is about dignity and well-being of a person, giving personalised or person centred services and support will mean different things to different people, but ultimately recognising the diversity of one person and personalising the support we provide for that person.

      1.2   Explain how personalisation can benefit individuals.
Personalisation can promote independence, dignity and respect. By allowing a service user to make choices about their care and support or about the clothes they wear, personal items they buy or the food choice we are promoting independence and dignity and we are also respecting the person’s right to make their own choices. This has a knock on effect and means that the individual can lead as normal life as possible while giving them the support they need in a care setting that is enjoyable to them.

      1.3   Explain the relationship between rights, choices and...

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