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Ujnit Essay

  • Submitted by: medicboy1995
  • on August 18, 2015
  • Category: English
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Scenario 1:- Fire within a Nursing Home
Within my scenario, I have stated that the residents in the nursing home would be required to go to the fire assembly point. By residents going to the fire assembly point it would prevent the residents becoming poorly because of smoke inhalation.   By people doing this and reporting that there is a fire and fire brigades being on the scene, there would be more chance of people being saved, by this it would reduce the chances of people dieing also by people being at the assembly point, other professionals such as fire brigades and health care professionals would be able to have a clearer understanding on who is safely been evacuated and who and how many other people are still left in the effected building. By people going to the fire assembly point and ensure that people are not too close to the building as it may collapse, it would also make it easier for people to have a clear understanding on where everyone is and it would reduce the chance of people being scattered in different places. By all professionals following appropriate policies and procedures, it would ensure the health and safety of all people receiving the service as well as the people that are providing the service. By people such as health and social care professionals reporting that an incident that has happened, It would give the professionals such as fire brigades understanding of the people of the people that are at risk which would help to prevent a reoccurrence of an fire from happening; by this happening it would increase the local communities confidence in feeling safe.

Everyone needs to be at the fire assembly point so that everyone is safely out of the building, we know this because stretch and Whitehouse, 2010,pg 123 , state “ that people are to make sure that people are not standing too near to the building, as it may collapse” this is why there are fire assembly points in place.

Scenario 2:- incident of suspected/ actual abuse within a...

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  • Submitted by: medicboy1995
  • on August 18, 2015
  • Category: English
  • Length: 569 words
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