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U116 Tma02 Essay

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U116-15B Environment: Journeys through a changing world

Assignment: TMA 02

Question 1a:

  1. Occupancy component.
This is because, in addition to me and my partner, I have various people staying in my house including my child (he does not live with me full-time, so I used a 0.4 person measure for this). My fiancée’s mother comes to stay on occasion also my partner likes to have friends staying as she moved in with me near XXXX, but she originally hails from XXXX. I input 2.4 here.

  2. Walking/Cycling component
This was difficult as I don’t have a cycle computer on my bike to tell me how far I have ridden. I have taken approximations of distance for my most frequent journeys and worked out mileage from them.

  3. Car journey component.
I had to make some guess work here as I sometimes give colleagues a lift and also when I am with my partner in her car I always do the driving. I used 1.2 and 1.3 persons as the respective figures for calculation

  4. Food amount component
I buy a reasonable amount of home prepared using processed ingredients and I also selected moderate amounts of meat fish & dairy. I don’t throw a lot of food away during preparation and it is generally processed. I also eat seasonal fruit & vegetables

  5. Food waste component
I don’t throw a lot of food away in preparation, nor do I tend to throw away ‘plate waste’ as I am careful about selecting my food items to eat. However, there are sometimes fridge items which go out of date or bread goes stale. This is probably due to the fact that both my partner and I occasionally have hot food at our places of work.

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Question 1b:
All quantities are tonnes CO2e

Figure 1   Screenshot of my CO2e - Full Carbon Calculator

Using this calculator my existing total CO2e footprint is lower than the UK average score by 2.05.

The component differences are most different in the home energy emissions with a rating 0.8 lower and goods and services...

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