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Types of Myth Essay

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Below is an essay on "Types of Myth" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

University of Phoenix Material

Types of Myths Worksheet

Knowledge, Belief, Myth, and Religion

Directions: Answer the following question on knowledge, belief, myth, and religion in 3 to 5 sentences.

How are knowledge, belief, myth, and religion related to one another and how are they distinct from one another? Use an example from your life or popular culture to explain this relationship.
|Knowledge is the collective body of truth that one acquires though experience and education, while belief is information that one accepts as|
|truth without tangible substantiation.   Myths are tantamount to parables, with ‘moral’ to their story while religion is a societal           |
|organization based upon knowledge, beliefs, and often myths.   It frequently demands belief based on reasoning drawn from existing knowledge |
|or myths, often to the end of attempting to define or quantify the reason for existence.                                                     |


Directions: Choose two examples for each type of myth and identify the pieces of literature, such as a Shakespeare play, in which the examples are found.

Greek Myths

|Myth 1:                                                           |Literature it’s found in:                                                 |
|12 Labors of Hercules                                             |Epic poem by Piesander (lost) but is pieced together from multiple       |
|                                                                 |surviving sources.                                                       |
|Myth 2:                                                           |Literature it’s found in:                                                 |
|Oedipus                                                           |Oedipus the King by Sophocles                                             |

Answer the following questions:

Describe Greek myths.
|Greek myths were characterized by the...

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