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Tyler Essay

  • Submitted by: tyhanf
  • on April 3, 2014
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Apartheid Assignment
Tyler Hanf

  1. The Term Apartheid comes from the Afrikaans word meaning; apart or separate. Between 1948 and 1994 the national government classified people into racial groups of black, white, coloured and Indian. The white schools and resources were much better funded than schools with children of colour. When apartheid became a law in 1948 the national government passed many laws which separated races and made an   un equal South Africa. These laws affected many aspects of the non- white people’s lives from medical care, to not being able to go onto beaches, creating white only jobs and even no allowing non- whites to share toilets with whites. The black people also had to carry pass books and if they were found without them they were jailed.
Overall the services that were offered to black people were far inferior to those given to the white South Africans. Apartheid became a part of South African day to day life until 1994. From 1970 South African citizenship was taken away from black people and they were forced to live in homelands. The land they lived in was poor quality and thus difficult to far and it was difficult for them to find jobs and to earn a living. Some lived in townships, slums and shanty towns on the outskirts of South African cities and the South African economy began to depend on cheap black labour. Peaceful residence between 1950-1980 turned violent when apartheid struck the whole of South Africa
2.1 prohibition of the mixed marriages act –
  * This was one of the first major laws to come into apartheid legalisation. This law was enforced in 1949, it banned the marriage of a white person to any other colour or race. If a mixed marriage was discovered, the couple would be arrested and imprisoned. This law also banned sexual relations between different race lines.
2.2 Immorality act –
  * This act was passed as a law in 1926. The law first prohibited sex between a white and a black person but in...

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