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Twelve Angry Men Essay

  • Submitted by: aariadeeps
  • on April 15, 2015
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Twelve angry Men, written by Reginald Rose is a great play. I have seen first play on my life and my experience is really amazing. The play is set as a law Jury room. The play is showing the decision of the guilty or not guilty which can lead to someone to its death or to its life. I have heard word jury before but never saw it before that how things work inside the jury room. The play is consisting of twelve characters playing the role of twelve jurors. The whole thing, I liked throughout the play is, the feel of the real jury room.
All characters were are dressed as they are gentlemen’s and the temperature inside the jury room is too hot, and even the fan is not working which makes them all swatting and more angry. Each one of the character is taking breaks and going to washroom which was fake and pretending in real like there is a mirror and water is coming out from the tap. The dressing of all the characters was really brilliant and I really liked the whole concept and the characters of the play. Lightning and the rain coming from the window was perfectly timed. There is not even a single thing which is making them confused with their dialogues and running in between the room.
The play started with the voice of the judge, giving the instruction to the jurors about the murder case in which the accused 16 years old boy killed his father with knife. In the instructions it was clearly mentioned that if the accused found guilty, the mandatory sentence is the death penalty. Then the play continues with entrance of the jurors into the jury room. They all pretended very well like it are very hot inside the jury room and even the fan is working. All jurors are showing that the case is very simple and based on the facts the boy is clearly guilty. They started with the voting and out of 12 votes, 11 votes are in favor of guilty and one vote was not saying that the boy is guilty.
The juror who voted not guilty started with the facts. Firstly the murder weapon which was...

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