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Twelfth Night Essay

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  • on April 18, 2015
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Shakespeare Essay

A belief that love is possible even in the most impossible situations creates a greater risk of disappointment, much like children believing a stranger will really give them candy, or the elderly believing the world really has their best interest at heart. In Shakespeare’s play, Twelfth Night, Malvolio is thrust into the middle of a love triangle that eventually leaves him unhappy and alone. There are many characteristics for Malvolio, but a few critical characteristics are dense, determined, and gullible. Malvolio is taken advantage of by Lady Olivia’s company, seeking revenge on those who left him isolated and alone.
While Lady Olivia’s company is antagonizing Malvolio, he begins to show that he is actually quite unintelligent. Malvolio is a higher-ranking servant, that earns a higher respect from Lady Olivia, but Malvolio believes this is because she wants to be with someone like him- maybe even him. “Maria once told me that she did affect me, and I have heard herself come thus near, that should she fancy, it should be one of my complexion. Besides, she uses me with a more exalted respect than anyone else that follows her.” (2.5. ll 22-27) Malvolio wants Sir Toby to believe that Lady Olivia treats him with more respect because she cares deeply for him, as Malvolio believes. Malvolio doesn’t understand that Lady Olivia only does this because is a higher ranked servant. He feels that even though his name has been spelled incorrectly, that Lady Olivia’s letter is certainly for him. “’M’- Malvolio. ‘M’- why, that begins my name.” (2.5. ll 129-130) “’M’, but there is no consonance in the sequel that suffers under probation. ‘A’, should follow, but ‘O’ does. (2.5. ll 139) “And then ‘I’ comes behind.” (2.5. 11 139) “’M.O.A.I.’ This simulation is not as the former, and yet to crush this a little, it would bow to me, for every one of these letters are in my name. Soft, here follows prose.” (2.5. 143-146) Malvolio has himself very convinced that...

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