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Tutankhamun Essay

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  • on March 21, 2012
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1.Identify the photo below?   Valley of the Kings

2.List 3 things you know about this place? Tombs were buried here for pharaohs and powerful nobles, Contains around 63 tombs, the tomb of the famous Boy King was found here.

3. What did Howard Carter mean by ‘doubts born of previous disappointments, persisted in creeping in?   He had a certain doubt that the tomb standing before him was another wreckage completely wiped out by tomb robbers.

4. Even if the tomb had not been ‘completely plundered in ancient times’, why would Howard Carter have still felt a certain anxiety about the state of the tomb?   As time passes some items may disintegrate or maybe intense weather conditions may have harmed the state of the tomb, were talking thousands of years passing by here. Maybe even modern time tomb robbers could have gotten there first.

5. Read the following extract from Howard Carter’s journal and compare the sketches below. What do these reveal about Tutankhamun’s tomb and about Tutankhamun’s life and death?   Tutankhamun’s tomb was very small compared to other tombs, they tell us he ruled for a very short time and lived a short life, it makes us wonder if Tutankhamun who ruled for a relatively short time contained so much treasure in his tomb how much treasure did the other rules have?

Identify the objects illustrated below. Write what you consider to be a suitable caption for each one.

1. Gilded Chest with ankhs covering the outside representing eternal life

2. Funerary bed with cows on it which represent resurrection from the god Hathor

3. Cartouche

4. Crook and Flail, the crook to represent leadership and power and flail to represent that he would provide and look after the nation.

5. A fan with engraved hieroglyphs on it

6. Wooden shawabty figure of himself

a) Who is the ‘Lord of the West’ depicted in this scene?   Osiris

b) Explain the reason why he is shown wearing this white garment? The...

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