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Turbo Car Class of Our Society Essay

  • Submitted by: arifaun
  • on April 16, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
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Invention of the wheel is the greatest invention and was the first step towards the globalization. Now, we see the roads full of traffic; the people are rushing towards their destination. Prior to this invention traveling was a difficult activity and it was too much perplexed to travel from one place to another, but now traveling has became an amusing activity. Most of the families come on the roads without having any destination. They just move on the roads and enjoy the driving. Children also insist for goalless drive and due to this practice our roads are full of luxury cars.
When we talk about the families on the read, their “purposeless driving” still has purpose and that is to provide some entertainment to their children but what is the justification of that “Turbo Car” having the resemblance with space car, with crystal blue lights under it. The road looks very beautiful when the “Turbo Car” travels over it. There is silencer with big diameter, producing a heavy echo which is enough to capture the attention of every one present on the road and we can feel the drum beating base just hitting on our heart.
Now we are able to see the travelers of that “Turbo Car”, full to its capacity. They are teenager boys clad in shorts, having the glasses over and cigarette under their noses. Mostly, the five passengers present there, two on the front seats and three on the back seat four of them are enjoying too much, their teeth are permanently out of their faces due to the continuously laughing. But one boy looks very serious, his face is hanging beside the door of that “Turbo Car” and he is looking too much depressed. Remaining four are busy but few and far between they inquire about the plight of their fifth companion and in reply he just nodded his head and try to convey that there is noting special, just his heart is worried.
As they are at their top speed, and you have just some seconds to see their “Turbo Car” so, we can just assume the reasons of his worries....

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