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Truth Essay

  • Submitted by: papazito123
  • on August 20, 2015
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Below is an essay on "Truth" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Robert Zito
1) Summarize the treaty   (this will be long, READ IT FIRST)
The articles state that no child under 18 can be part of their armed forces and can’t be recruited. Minors have are entitled to a special protection, but if the parties permit voluntary recruitment they will have to follow the requirements which basically are ensuring that the minor knows what he’s going to get involved with and have an informed consent from their legal guardians. It’s required for the state to also add their own laws, including the international laws, to further protect the children.
2) Identify noticeable non-signers   AND/OR reservations attached
Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, and Thailand.
3) Identify the enforcement body (name of the commission etc)
CRC (Committee on the Rights of the Child)
4) Are there any Optional Protocols (identify and summarize)
Yes, in the fifty-fourth session of the General Assembly of the UN. They will demonstrate they are committed in promoting and protecting children’s rights. Improving and embracing that children require special protection by providing protection and education. They won’t be able to target children with weapons and avoid having armed conflicts in the presence of children. Making enlisting children under 15 years old a war crime. Making the army have a majority of people older than 18 years old. Prohibiting the worst forms of child labor, including, and forced recruitment of children for use in armed conflicts. They wont be able to discriminate children when vulnerable.
5) Using the UN UDHR, identify which articles (human rights)   are addressed.
Article: 1,2,3,20,25,26,27,30.

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