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Trust No Company Essay

  • Submitted by: briannailovexc
  • on April 1, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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I placed an order in June of 2008 for replacing some of my wood windows with First Choice (MLC is manufacturer) Vinyl clad windows.   I placed a 1/3 down payment and in a few weeks I was called and told my order was complete and installation was set for mid July.   So far so good.
The installers arrived on the date of installation, but informed me that 2 of my new windows were not complete yet but I ok’ed them to install the ones they had.   After they were installed (more on this experience below) I started to prep them for painting and I noticed that 6 of them were supposed to be tempered (per code requirements as well as the windows they replaced were originally tempered) but they had no ‘tempered’ stamp on the glass.   I called First Choice the next day and informed the manager of the issue and also informed them that the 2 windows not yet installed also needed to be tempered…so please ensure that they are manufactured with tempered glass.   After a visit and check of the order, he informed me that it was indeed their mistake and they would get the issue corrected.
After several weeks, and many phone calls (with false promises or “delays”), the manager said the all my windows were ready and we arranged an installation date.   I took a vacation day from work and as the ‘time of install’ window was ending I called to find out when the team was going to arrive…only to find out “sorry none of the windows were not ready”.   “We forgot to call you”.
Again after many phone calls, I again was finally told “your windows were ready” and an installation date planned.   I called the day before to make sure the windows were ready only to get “sorry the factory does not have them done yet”.   Now this is September and my windows were still not in!
Again after several phone calls I was again told the windows that were supposed to be tempered were ready (but the ones that were never initially not ready yet), and again we arranged a date to get the non tempered windows replaced....

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