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Triumph Essay

  • Submitted by: mrober70
  • on March 22, 2012
  • Category: English
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Martin Roberts
ENGL 011-026
Prof. Braden
February 17, 2012
Narration Paragraph
The First Step Towards My Future
My biggest personal triumph is graduating from high school because of its importance, the benefits, and how it has positively changed my life. First and foremost, graduating high school was a major priority in my life. I knew if I graduated from high school, my future will begin to fall into place. Also I needed to graduate from high school because no one in my family has graduated. I wanted to be the first, to set a trend for my siblings. Another reason a high school diploma is important is because a diploma is needed for any job you want. When I say any job I mean exactly that. Not only graduating high school is important, it also has its benefits. High school graduates make a whole lot more than those who have not graduated. I have gotten several internships over the summer, because I have a high school diploma. Another reason, since I graduated high school I have the opportunity many do not of going to college. Last but not least, graduating high school has changed my life positively. For instance, ever since I graduated I have a totally different outlook on life. I knew when I graduated I could get a secondary education and better my future. When I received my diploma, I have met a lot of different people who helped me in life, who gave me the information, tips, and help guide me towards success. Graduating high school was my biggest triumph because of its importance, benefits, and the positive changes in my life.

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