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Transformation in Britain During the Industrial Revolution Essay

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  • on August 19, 2015
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The transformation in britain during the industrial revolution
The late eighteenth century witnessed the initial rise of the Industrial Revolution and birth of factories, permanently reestablishing Britain’s face. The great technical, socioeconomic and cultural change, induced a metamorphosis from an economy relying on manual labor to one reigned by industry and machine production.
The change in infrastructure and industries:         What impact did the Industrial Revolution have on Britain’s infrastructure and industries?
Britain’s landscape was transformed. New towns were founded, but accommodated poorly constructed domiciles, lacking proper water supplies and facilities. Also, industrial zones expanded, crammed with more factories and warehouses. Moreover, growths in manufacture lead to improvement in transportation, introducing canals, roads, sea transports, railways and steam engines in locomotives. However, the natural landscape was destroyed, and agricultural land was converted to industrial units. Notably, changes in terms of industries came up. Firstly, there was a great increase in production. This is substantiated by coal production rate, which rose from 6 million tons in 1770 to 20 million tons in 1820. Additionally, industrialization expanded the overseas trade. Not to mention that more factories meant more employments.
Working Conditions:                                                           Did working conditions improve or worsen?
During Industrial Revolution, working conditions worsened. A key factor is that discipline was highly strict in factories. Working hours were exceedingly long, with people working for 16 hours, daily. Factories were usually built neighbouring coal fields, and were badly structured, giving them the ability to engender danger for employees. Moreover, the foundation of new towns was caused by a myriad of workers compelled to migrate from their villages/ towns to settle near factories, where living conditions were...

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