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Training Script Business Administration Essay

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Training Script

  * Meet and greet each person attending.
  * Welcome each guest in attending the training session.
  * Explain what the training will entail
  * Hand out the training notes for each person to keep and use to follow
  * Start power point presentation to assist with visual steps of instructions
  * Start with 1st Topic: Creating a new template.
  * Step 1: From the desktop or from your ‘Start’ menu, open Microsoft Word.
  * Step 2: Microsoft Word will open up automatically into a new document ready for you to start typing.
  * Step 3: Start designing your template. Include all the information that will be required, format and design in guideline to organisation requirements. When finished save document
  * Step 4: From the menu, choose Save
  * Step 5: A ‘Save’ dialogue box will come up. At the top and at the left-hand side in the list of folder options, it will show the folder where you’ll be saving the document. If you wish to change this folder, navigate through the folders on the left-hand side of the dialogue box to choose the one where you want to save your document.
  * Step 6: Word will automatically give your document a name, based on the first few words of your text. If you don’t like the one given, once you have chosen the destination folder, type a name for your document in the ‘File name’ box. Come up with a name that is concise but will allow you to find the document easily again.
  * Step 7: Once you have typed in the name of your document, click Save.
  * Recording a macro: Explain what a macro is and does Enlarge
  * In the View tab, choose Macros→Record Macro.The Record Macro dialog box appears.
  * Give the macro a name in the Record Macro dialog box. Click the Keyboard button to assign a keyboard shortcut to the macro. This approach is easier than choosing the Button option, which is more work.
  * Type a keyboard shortcut combination. Most of the good combinations are already used by Word,...

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