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Training Development Essay

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Training and Development Paper
July 1, 2014
Training and Development Paper
The Health Care Industry leaders have to face new challenges, increasing longevity and expectations of patients and the public. Not enough healthcare professionals are preparing for this demand. Harness new talent, energy and commitment for the twenty one centuries would not be easy. Many of these professionals are undertaking new roles and responsibilities to be able to support the demand. The training development and education of the health care worker must be continues, interdisciplinary, and un-denial necessary, to meet the health care of today and tomorrow. Continuous training and education for our health care professional is imperative.

    Today’s patient and society are demanding a health care workforce more knowledgeable and with excellent human skills. The health care workforce must be correctly trained and educate to achieve today's high healthcare standards to meet society and government requirement. An organization which continues training and developing their workforce, are successful on these skills and more likely to move forward with the praise of the society.

    Most of the healthcare workforce gets their education thru traditional educational institutions; samples of those could be schools, universities, colleges, institutes.   A correct education will teach, process, theories, understanding of medical cycles and basic anatomy. But continue education   and training is imperative for the health care industry. The culture of the education system, now largely shaped by performance in examinations and emphasis on factual content, must be changed to one which values self directed learners and problem solvers. According to "The Bmj" (n.d.), “There is a need to improve the effectiveness of continuing medical education, such as developing better programs on doctor-patient communication and interprofessional continuing education”(Continuing medical education:...

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