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Trail Of Tears Essay

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  • on March 23, 2012
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Native Americans ( Cherokee)
Randall Cartright
Don Yost


Native Americans ( Cherokee)
      They have faced migration, and annexation.
      Consequences: Extermination ( almost), expulsion, and segregation.

      Trail of Tears

How? How could a horror have come from such an innocent act? A child sells a trader a rock. But greed unrestricted fears no God. And it has an appetite that can never be satiated.
It has been my fate to have been involved in, and an observer of a nation turning it’s back on all of it’s most noble principles. How you recover from that will be left to posterity and the great Judge of all to address.
For me it started when I was a young man back in the Smokey Mountain region of Tennessee.   I was selected to go with the great Chief Junaluska to fight with the United States soldiers against the Creek. The Creek nation had aligned themselves with the invading British. Who could have believed that such bravery would be repaid someday with such treachery?
      It was Chief Junalusk’s idea alone to capture the Creek’s canoes at the battle of Horse Shoe and cut of their only means of retreat. It was Chief Junaluska’s quick action that saved Andrew Jackson’s life. I heard Andrew Jackson say to Chief Junaluska:” As long as the sun shines and the grass grows, there will be friendship between us, and the feet of the Cherokee shall be toward the east.” How quickly would those words become a mockery to the Cherokee people and Chief Junaluska. For all too soon we would find out that words had no more value to them than the wind that carried them. And treaties existed to cover a nation’s callous greed.
      What value does a man put on his heritage? What price does he put on his heart, his home, his family? Can any amount of money replace a man, a people, a nation’s ties to the land that go deeper than any trees roots? And yet the government of the United States thought that was all that was...

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