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Tragic Outlook of F. Kafka Essay

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  • on April 14, 2015
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Tragic outlook of F. Kafka
Distinctive feature of creativity of Kafka is the tragic and pessimistic view on the person as on the victim of destiny. Such perception partly was dictated by influence of philosophical doctrines popular at the turn of the century, especially F. Nietzsche's ideas, but in much bigger degree — circumstances of his own life. The Jew on a nationality, Kafka was born and all life lived in Prague, and the Czech Republic was then a part of the Austro-Hungarian empire. In Kafka's family spoke German (mother spoke and in Czech). Such specific situation between nationalities — German, Jewish, Czech, Austrian — promoted formation of feeling of some intermediate existence. And Kafka was the person extremely vulnerable and therefore felt before the outside world constant, ongoing fear. Vulnerability to outer side of life, inability to adapt to it, it is natural to join it brought to Kafka infinite tortures and forced to have deep feeling of fault before life and before people. It was possible to try to adapt to prosaic reality or to change the attitude towards her, to like conviction in the exclusiveness, to find a consolation in communication with itself, with art (such installations were popular and in the XIX century, and at the time of Kafka; artists were fenced off from the world and created), but he it wasn't able. If, for example, R. M. Rilke, the famous Austrian poet, Kafka's contemporary, was negative to the city, condemning him destructive influence on the person, but saw rescue in harmony of the person good luck and the Universe, Kafka didn't see such rescue in general. In his opinion, the person is doomed to loneliness, sufferings and torments which are the only reality and make all maintenance of his life. Kafka deeply suffered from things, ordinary for other people, for example from need daily to go to service, and dreamed only of one: silently to be engaged in writing that nobody disturbed, anybody didn't lay claim on it. But it...

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