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Traditions of Spokane Native Americans Essay

  • Submitted by: AlexLMoore
  • on April 14, 2015
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Alexander Moore
Professor Linda Price
English 1301
4 March 2015

Traditions of Spokane Native Americans
    Sherman Alexie proclaimed that as a Native American kid he was in more ways than another considered an oddity. This meant to me that because of his desire and urgency to learn he was considered an outcast among the other Spokane Indians that was in his class. A smart Indian is a dangerous person, widely feared and ridiculed by Indians and non-Indians alike (Alexie 357).
    Sherman Alexie decided to go against all his traditions as a Spokane Indian. They were supposed to be imprudent and dedicated to suppress their abilities to learn in school. Although most kids did just that Sherman Alexie decided to rise above of just being another “stupid Indian”. He said he fought with his classmates on a daily bases for the simple fact that they wanted him to be quiet when the teacher was asking for answers (Alexie 357).
    Not only was it an unusual tradition but most of the Spokane Indians felt designated to uphold it to the highest point. As widely known many ethnicities stand firm behind their traditions and aren’t easily surpassed to go against them. So I guess you can imagine that this was kind of an ongoing epidemic for him to go against his tradition. But he saw the bigger picture, which meant better opportunity as well as better job offers.
    And I think he made the right decision not tearing himself down just to uphold a tradition that “doesn’t influence learning of that stature”. In certain situations some traditions can be broken I think without a doubt under circumstances such as this one. No tradition should promote the decline of the ability to learn and achieve brilliant things. And as he acknowledges his father in his childhood, he lets you know that his father too was an oddity who collected books from many different genres.
  So I guess you can conclude that this helped him make his decision to want to learn and not to accept the...

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