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Toms Cafe Bmgt 364 Essay

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Carolyn Madina
BMGT 364 Management and Organizational Theory
Professor Melvin Cummins
March 8, 2015

Table of Contents
History 3
Vision 4
Services and Fees 4
Management Review 4
Strengths and Weaknesses 5
Balanced Scorecard 5
Management Plan 5
Planning 5
Organizing 5
Leading 6
Controlling 7
Conclusion 7
References 8

Tom’s Coffee Cup is opened during the fall of 2013 down the street from the Ravens and Orioles stadiums in Baltimore, MD.   The cliental that frequent the Coffee Cup are neighborhood families and those traveling to the city on game days looking for a quality meal at reasonable prices.   The mission statement of the Coffee Cup is, “an atmosphere of quality for the quality people we serve”.   This statement holds true to the food and customers being served.  
Tom has spent most of his time concentrating on promoting his business.   The renovations, premium coffee and foods being served have brought success to the business and have been a big hit with customers.   Recent additions to the menu of large pita sandwiches and salads, as well as smoothies and other healthy alternatives for the generation of health conscious customers that have recently started to eat there have also increased business.    
Due to this success and the amount of time Tom is spending away from the Coffee Cup, a manager was hired to oversee the restaurant and manage employees.   Mr. Willie Cheet was hired and part of the salary agreement, Mr. Cheet was also offered a percentage of the amount he saved the business and according to the contract, it was contingent on the previous months operating expenses.  
Prior to Tom hiring Justin Thyme Consulting Service, Mr. Cheet was working as expected and processes that were implemented were beginning to save restaurant money.   Over that last few months, Tom has noticed that sales have been dropping, employees were complaining about shifts and the implementation of...

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