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Tok Pisin Essay

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Tok Pisin
Tok Pisin was based off of a pidgin language that is spoken by 5 to 6 million people and natively spoken by 1 million people in Papua New Guinea.   This language is commonly known in English as New Guinea Pidgin.   Pidgin is defined as a simplified language that develops as a means of communication between two or more groups that do not have a language in common, in situations such as trade.   Pidgins are not a native language but are learned as a second language.   Tok Pisin started out as a pidgin language but eventually morphed in to a native language.   Scientists favor the term Tok Pisin because it distinguishes it from an actual pidgin language.
Tok Pisin became its own language because it is know a native tongue that is spoke by many people in Papua New Guinea.   It is no longer a means of communication between two or more groups but rather a language that is spoken by parents to children.   The word Tok Pisin comes from the English word (talk pidgin).   The book “Toward a Reference Grammar of Tok Pisin” (Verharr)states that the social statuses of a speaker are related to their dialects.   “Thus Tok Pisin of the “bush” and “rural” and “urban” varieties are to a large extent characterized by social class rather than by geography”.  
Tok Pisin was developed by the regional dialects of the natives of Papua New Guinea and English.   Natives were either contracted to Australia or in some cases taken by force to work in cane fields.   They had no way of communication between the owners of the plantations and eventually made a dialect so that they could communicate.   The only common language that they had was a simplified English.  
With continued use norms were established and a standard pidgin language was developed.   The reason Tok Pisin was adopted once that laborers returned home was described by a UNE article (Verharr) “When their contracts ended and laborers returned to their home islands, they brought the developing pidgin with them. Previously, these...

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