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To Kill a Mocking Bird Essay

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  • on August 20, 2015
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22. Both Boo and Mayella are products of their dysfunctional families, restricted to their homes by parents who also are abusive towards them. Neither Boo nor Mayella have any friends, and both are innocent of any real wrongdoings.

23. By feeling sorry for Mayella, Tom put himself above her.   This is the ultimate mistake for a black man in a town like Maycomb.   No matter what, whites are superior to blacks.   This is the way they want to keep things; this was a huge mistake as they now thought he was putting himself above a white.

24. He is understood to be a chronic alcoholic but he is only pretending to be an alcoholic by drinking Coca Cola out of a brown paper bag. He lets the people of Maycomb believe it's alcohol and acts drunk to put them at ease and give them a reason to understand the way he is. He knows they will not understand why he lives as he does, so by pretending he is a drunk, he makes life easier for himself. He is an example of a mockingbird in the novel as he is misunderstood and the community don’t understand him.

  * In the courtroom Mr. Gilmer treats Tom badly just because of his skin colour, and disregards all the evidence.
  * Aunt Alexandra has prejudice towards Walter Cunningham, just because of the family he comes from she hates him and describes him as trash and disregards the person he really is.
  * The Black community all must sit together in the balcony, while the White community sits down below.   They also must wait for the Whites to enter the court house before they go up the stairs.   This separate seating in the court house shows the segregation that permeates Maycomb, a place where schools and other public facilities are segregated, where Blacks are seen as inferior and undeserving of employment and where they are treated as second class citizens.  

26. Upon hearing the verdict, Jem goes out of the courtroom and cries. He has lost all faith in the citizens of Maycomb, in the sense of justice within the legal...

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