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To Joy My Freedom Essay

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  • on April 1, 2014
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While the end of the Civil War brought an end to the tragic institution of slavery, the hardships the African Americans were bound to endure had only begun. Tera W. Hunter wrote To ‘Joy My Freedom, a novel highlighting the difficulties black women had to face and the way they manipulated these struggles to make them happy and feel proud during the Reconstruction Era. Hunter shows how domestic black workers, mostly in cities like Atlanta, used their “freedom” to gain respect and make a life they could call their own. Working women, along with all freedpeople, established freedom as the idea that one has the liberty to practice their religion freely, get an education, be politically active and overall live a safe and fulfilling life. They pursued this through small and silent revolts while also making huge scenes with strikes. Hunter makes this story interesting and real by using detailed examples and anecdotes throughout the book, which illuminate the dynamics of race, class and gender. While she uses very descriptive illustrations of the pain and labor these woman must tolerate, she falls short of using any other perspective but a black eye and does not see it from a different vantage point.
Black workers found happiness by creating homes that they could feel comfortable and safe in, even if this meant disobeying what their bosses wanted. While many whites did not want blacks to be able to own property and have homes around them, as seen by new Jim Crow Laws, they insisted on having workers that lived inside their houses to do domestic labor. This would make it very easy for them to give their workers orders and get work done as quickly as possible. In an act of defiance, black workers deliberately found homes that were not their bosses but were close enough that they could still walk on foot to their jobs. Many domestic black laborers moved away together and created satellite communities. These communities consisted of people that all worked for white owners...

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