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To Be an American Essay

  • Submitted by: Abbysummer098
  • on April 2, 2014
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What does it mean to be an American ?

According to www.merriam-webster.com the definition of an American is "a native or citizen of the United States". To me being an American is so much more then just a citizenship. Being an American is deciding your own life and having rights. It is also about it's political strength and the way we changed from J. Hector St. John de Crévecoeur's time period. Living in the United States is a great honor because of the major differences it has compared to other countries

    The best possible life, isn't that what everyone strives for? Americans go to high school and to college to expand their overall choices on how they spend their life. Not everyone wants that path. Some chose to go right to work without getting an education. There are hundreds of thousands of careers available. Their options are unlimited. Being an American gives the opportunity to have many choices. That includes your family preferences. They can get married and have children or fly solo. The time period we are in now, there are starting to be new changes about equality. One by one states are changing their laws to legalize same-sex marriage. Gay, straight or bisexual, it is starting to not matter. Men can finally hold hands in a public place without getting stares and harsh comments. If a gay couple went across the ocean into another country, things might not be the same as if they were in America. In some country's openly gay people would be extremely judged, when in America it is more normal for gays to be together publicly in most states. There is diversity in the United States. There are so many different cultures and religions then ever before. Black, white, mixed or green it does not matter what skin color people have. Living in the United States they are surrounded by diversity. Not one person is the same. Everyone's origin is different, our ancestors come from all walks of life. Americans have a way of life that is full of choices. Being an...

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