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Title Essay

  • Submitted by: corta1986
  • on March 31, 2014
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Christopher Orta                                           Pg.1
English 1
09 February 2014

                My brother’s wedding experience gave me a real perspective on marriage and a clear image on what I will be dealing with in years to come.

            During my brother’s wedding I gained a real perspective on marriage and saw a clear image of what I will be dealing with in years to come. The first thing I experienced was the reality of marriage and how surreal it is to get married. Secondly, I took in to account my education and how important it will be for me to accomplish my goals.   Furthermore, I acknowledge the fact that someday I would want to have a family of my own. In the next few paragraphs I will be explaining my brother’s wedding experience in more detail.
            The first thing I experienced at my brother’s wedding was the reality of marriage and how surreal it is to get married. I realized that amongst many things marriage is built on love, love to me is the core foundation of a happy marriage. Love is the fuel that keeps the marriage going for one another, as well as what holds the marriage together through the highs and the lows. One other perspective of marriage I strongly agree on is respect. Mutual respect in a marriage is very important because I think it is essential for the sake of each other’s health and the wellbeing of the relationship itself. Another real perspective I took into account is trust. For me, trust is the most important thing in a marriage because without trust I would not be able to
truly love my spouse with an open heart, nor with other things such as finances, feelings, secrets, emotions and much more.
              During the wedding I paused for a moment to acknowledge where I’ve been and where I would like be before marriage. One of the first things that came to mind was my education and what I needed to do in...

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