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Tintoretto Essay

  • Submitted by: Schwandt1
  • on April 4, 2014
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Ayla Schwandt
Nov 19th, 2013
Jacopo Comin was born in late September or early October, 1518 in Venice, Italy.   Most know Comin better as Tintoretto, the famous Renaissance artist. He was given the nickname Tintoretto because of “his father’s humble occupation of tintor, a dyer, and il Furioso for his violent application of paint.” He died May 31st, 1594 in Venice, Italy. Tintoretto was the greatest artist of the Renaissance because of his new drawing technique and use of colour, and because of his improvements made to the Mannerist style of art.
Tintoretto started developing his painting skills when he entered Titian’s workshop.   However, shortly after starting his apprenticeship he transferred to another Venetian workshop to complete his training. Titian was another great artist of the Renaissance and it is said that Titian expelled Tintoretto from his workshop because he was greatly jealous of Tintoretto’s painting skill. He admired Titian for his great work but he admired Michelangelo above all else. Tintoretto was said to have Titian’s colouring technique and Michelangelo’s design but Kren and Marx of the Web Gallery of Art remark, “his drawings, unlike Michelangelo’s detailed life studies, are brilliant, rapid notations, bristling with energy and his colour is more sombre and mystical than Titian’s.”   His figures are usually shown in motion. In order to plan his complex scenes of human figures, “Tintoretto prepared   the canvas by making small models, which he would set up with small wax or clay figures to plot his arrangements and observe the effects of light and shadow.”(Kren and Marx “TINTORETTO, Jacopo” Web Art Gallery. 18 Nov. 2013) This gave his work an exaggerated feel in light and movement, achieving something much different from his goal of design and color. This is what departed his drawing style from other artists. He made his paintings as realistic and precise as possible using brilliant methods. Tintoretto’s 1565, Crucifixion is an...

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