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Time Management Essay

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Below is an essay on "Time Management" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

1.1 Background of the Study
What is time and why can it be source of problems? The time, in spite of its undeniable utility in the human life, remains an abstract parameter as even brilliant scientists and philosophers were not able to describe it clearly. This can be shown clearly by this quotation of ARISTOTLE: “Time in itself, absolutely, does not exist; it is always relative to some observer or some object. Without a clock I say 'I do not know the time'. Without matter, time itself is unknowable. Time is a function of matter; and matter therefore is the clock that makes infinity real”. Seen on different angle, time can be appreciated with the following words. You can be telling what to do every minute, stop watch in hand but you cannot control it. Time is an unusual commodity that cannot be saved. Because it is so elusive, it is an easy commodity to ignore. Time is a resource that you can not renew. If you are out of health some time it can be restored, but when you are out of time, that is it. When this minute is gone, it is gone. Time is an equal opportunity resource; no matter how important you are, how rich or poor, you got 24 hours each day or 168 hours each week to spend. [1]
Time management is a process of organizing a limited amount of time by planning, prioritizing, scheduling and managing work load for the purpose of maximizing productivity and efficiency. The main reason for managing time is to provide structure to one's life and, in turn, piece of mind. Managing time is just something one does for one's own psyche, to make one's days easier in order to reach a goal. Time management has a lot to do with motivation.
In colleges and universities, students are all the time engaged in a competition against the watch. They have many things to do, group discussion today, project tomorrow and examination the next day, all these sometime make them freak out. Despite its importance in all tasks and decisions with deadlines, time management skills are...

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