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Three Stages of Life Essay

  • Submitted by: arifaun
  • on April 16, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
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Allah gave us countless blessings and childhood is one of these blessings. I have no words to explain the real joys of golden period, called childhood. When a child comes in this word, he knows noting about anything. First of all, he just observes that his parents and other relatives are looking towards him with happiness on their faces. He is totally ignorant about he meanings of sorrows, and other miseries of life, which are waiting for him in future. But these happy days are no too much longer.
When he reaches the age of round about 4 years, the pain rushed towards him. Now he has to go to school and in school definitely, he would have to do work there. Now, he wants to play all the time but he can’t do so. He is to do his homework; he has the tension for his next day in school. But still he is very relaxed. His one and only duty is to do his homework and all the remaining day is for him, which is promising for him, offering him lot of entertainment and joys.
At the age of fifteen, his troubles increase much. Now the burden of studies and work is increasing day by day. He has achieved some sense and aware with the fact that one day he is to die but still his not too much mature. According to him, death is natural phenomenon and everyone has to pass this one. And noting else. He did not know the pain of death, the sorrow that the relatives of dying person have to face and so on.
When he reaches the age of eighteen, his childhood has been passed to some extent and now he is going to say farewell to childhood and youth welcomes him.
Youth!!!! What a beautiful word!! According to the majority of people, youth is the golden era of one’s life but I personally not agree with this saying. According to me, childhood (1 to 15 years) is the only period of real joy and happiness. And who once lose it, he has noting left remain for him. anyhow, youth has itself a great blessing. A person feels himself the very powerful person who can do anything, which...

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