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Threats to the Ocean Essay

  • Submitted by: creese
  • on April 3, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Threats to the Ocean" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

There are five main things that affect the ocean and harm it, Whaling, overfishing, factory fishing, global warming, and pollution. Every year the Japanese government kills mink whales. They kill at least eight hundred fifty of these whales. Factory fishing is also a major harm to the ocean. Factories create equipment that destroys species in the ocean. When these species are destroyed the food chain is ruined and this threatens the ocean. Over Fishing is also harming the ocean. Entire populations of fish are being killed. Over fishing occurs when there are more fish caught than fish in the ocean to sustain fish stock. Global warming is another big harm to the ocean. Global warming affects all of the earth. Animals are having a hard time surviving because sea levels are rising and ocean temperatures are changing. The sea animal cannot adjust to these changes in the ocean due to global warming. Pollution is another big problem that is threatening our ocean. The ocean has become a dumping ground. These toxins are affecting the ocean in a harmful way. This is also hurting sea life. I think the government should stop letting trash be dumped in the middle of the ocean. I think they should have major consequences for people polluting the ocean. I also think that government should cut down on factory fishing. I think the government should make fishing seasons just like they have hunting seasons. I am going to help the ocean by being more energy efficient. This will help marine life because being energy efficient helps stop global warming. I am going to participate in cleanups at the ocean. Cleaning the trash near and around the ocean will help not to pollute the ocean. The threats to the ocean become larger as years go by, if we all just help a little then this will help the ocean a lot.

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