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Therapeutic Psychology Approaches Essay

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  • on March 23, 2012
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    ←   Introduction
  Our most important instrument we work with as counselors is yourself as a person. The person and the professional are facets that can’t be separated in reality.

    ← The counselor as a Therapeutic person
  Counseling is an intimate form of learning; it therefore needs a practitioner who is ready and able to shed stereotypes and be an authentic person in the therapeutic relationship. It is in this relationship that the client experiences growth. If we as counselors do not show our true selves then it is likely that the clients will keep themselves hidden from counselors.

  Through a counselor’s genuiness and aliveness we can significantly touch our clients. If we make choices related to life, show off a joy for life and are true in our relationships with clients, we can then motivate them to develop these qualities. This does not mean that the counselor is problem-free or self- actualized. Therapists serve as models to clients.

    ← Personal characteristics of effective counselors
  Therapists are not expected to have all the traits described in the following list
  Effective therapists:
      • Have an identity: they know who they are, what they are capable of becoming, what they want out of life, and what is essential.
      • Respect and appreciate themselves: give and receive help and love out of their own sense of self-worth and strength. Feel adequate with others and allow others to feel powerful with them.
      • Are open to change: show willingness and courage to leave the security if the known. Make decisions about how they would like to change, and go they work toward becoming the person they want to become.
      • Make choices that are life oriented: aware of early decisions they made about themselves and the world. They are willing to correct these decisions if needed. They are committed to living fully rather than settling for mere existence....

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