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Thed Essay

  • Submitted by: jeffignacio04
  • on August 21, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
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Ignacio, Jose Fernando B.
  1. Describe two events where stereotyping, prejudice, bias is shown.
  * In the movie, there were many stereotyping and prejudice. It was shown in the scene where in a Muslim man went to a firearm store to buy firearms. The owner of the store judged him immediately because of his look that he is a Muslim and most people stereotypes Muslims as terrorists. Second, in the end part of the movie, there’s an instance that a woman judged an Asian woman because she’s different and she can’t speak English.
  2. Have you experienced a prejudice made against you? What is all about?
  * Yes, I experienced prejudice made against me. It’s all about material things/possessions. When I started studying here in San Beda College my friends made fun of me of being poor because I always eat cheap food and I really don’t spend too much money the way they spend their money on things we do for fun. And in terms of clothes, they always have these new trend clothing and footwear and accessories. Of course, I don’t have what they have and what they wear. So they judged me immediately that I am a poor guy because of material things and possessions they don’t know that I’m just a really ‘tipid’ guy who just want to save my money for my personal wants and priorities. I’m just a really simple guy who likes simple stuff. I’m not poor, I just like saving money and not spending it too much on my friends just for doing stupid things that is not worth my money. Because of that, they judged me immediately and they think of me as a “poor guy”. But I can consider some of them as my friends.
  3. From your answer #1 or 2, research on the root/causes on any of the mentioned bias.
  * Racists believe “that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others,” says one dictionary. Yet, as is noted in The World Book Encyclopedia, researchers “have not discovered any scientific basis for such claims of...

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