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The Us Presidency Essay

  • Submitted by: Atarik
  • on April 17, 2015
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The American presidency is a dominant force in the American political field. The presidency is one of the most vital components of the American government. Moreover, the president of the United Sates affects not only the United States of America, but also the whole world. However the presidency we have today is too different from the one the framers imagined and designed.  
      Till the end of the 19th century the structure of the presidency was extremely different from the one we have today. The president was not the dominating power of the country. He was possibly even not equal to the Congress (Greenberg 244). Moreover, the President had to carry out only what Congress had decided. So Congress had more rights and responsibilities than the President. It was exactly how the Framers imagined.
      Until the 20th century, the presidency of the United States was dormant because there was no need to have a strong presidency and the people did not require a dominating president (245). When the United States got involved in economic, political, military or diplomatic activities in the whole world, it became a very powerful and developed in many areas. With this structural development, the presidency also developed. The president gained more rights and responsibilities.  
      However, the dormant period had some great presidents whose contribution to the nation is invaluable. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson,     James Polk and Abraham Lincoln are among them. One of George Washington’s contributions was that he strengthened the role of the president in the times when executive leadership was not very much respected and trusted. But this was not the only thing he did for making the presidency a dominating force (244).
          Being the first president, Washington also gave the role of the president a priority in the foreign affairs and started forming the domestic legislative program. Although Thomas Jefferson was against having a powerful...

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