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The Triad Essay

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      1.1.   China
China is the largest landmass and country in East Asia. It is also the most populous, with a human count of over 1.3 billion (World Bank, 2013). All of its twenty-two provinces, four municipalities and five autonomous regions are included within two special administrative regions. That makes China the world's second largest country by land area. The most important cities of China are Shanghai, Beijing the capital and Hong Kong. It is also the world’s second largest economy with a gross domestic product (GDP) of 7.8% in 2012 after the United States. In 2011 China showed a GDP of 9.8% which means that has decreased in the latest years (Index Mundi, 2013). However, it still remains as the one of the world’s fastest-growing countries over the past three decades.
China exports $1.904 billion of its production, making it the world's largest exporter (Index Mundi, 2013).
1.1.1. Strength:
  * Impressive economic growth and rapid international inclusion, which has made China a model of development for other countries. China´s inclusion in World Trade Organisation was in 2001.
  * Export, investments and growth are the variables where the main economic achievements are based.
  * China is considered one of the main engines of growth in the world, maintaining its high economic growth.
  * 2012 GDP $ 8.227 trillion according to World Bank, 2013.
  * Great quantity of products made in China occupying the first places in sales worldwide, such as video cameras, televisions, toys, photo cameras. China's exports of high technology have continued increasing.
  * Surplus in the balance of payments as a result of the export growth.
1.1.2.- Weakness
  * The huge population and its rapid increase, demand an extraordinary effort in sustaining food and supplies, as well as the creation of employment.
  * China needs to sustain high growth rates in order to guarantee the satisfaction of the population needs and the...

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