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The Treaty Of Versailes Essay

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  • on March 22, 2012
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By the end of World War One in 1918, Germany had been defeated in the war and in most areas of the war. Their various battles had been a waste and were being further disgraced as days had gone on by, their honor, hunger and lust for power had all been destroyed, but a new purpose was to be found, being the need and demand for peace. The government in Germany had called for an Armistice, and as finally brought on the 11th month, of the 11th day in 1918, also known as being on the 11th of November, 1918. The Treaty of Versailles had been made and decided under Wilson’s Fourteen Points. The most important points of the treaty are as follows:
• No Secret treaties (secret treaties had ignited the war)
• Freedom in the seas
• No barriers of trade
• Germany had to give up all earned territories
• Defeated nations should not pay for war and destruction
• Germany had to pay for all the destruction in the world
• Foundation of “League of Nations” to protect world peace.
When the 14 Points had been made, Wilson had put in mind that it would bring a just and lasting peace in the world “peace without victory”.   Although the 14 points had been seen as bringing upon a peace, when the “Big Four” had a conference (President Wilson – USA, Lloyd George – Britain, Clemenceau – France, and Vittorio Orlando – Italy) debate was taken and the ideologies of Wilson had been shamed. The ever so lasting peace would never be achieved as the individuals of the “Big Four” had their own aspects and perspectives on what should be done, either it being revenge, reparations or even the complete destruction of Germany.
It was seen that after the arrangement and the formation of the Treaty, Russia had been pushed out and abandoned as the Bolsheviks had been near despised by all of Europe. No decision had been made based on the Bolsheviks and they had continued their work, although President Wilson had attempted to “save” them through his intervention, this had only made matters worse and...

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