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The Sorrow of War: Essay

  • Submitted by: monkeycsi37
  • on March 31, 2014
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Most stories and tales are centered aroud a central idea that is vital to the understanding of the story. In Bao Ninh’s   The Sorrow of War all of the characters lose something while they are in the war, whether it be mental or physical things.
Thoughout the entire novel, both soldiers and Kien lose everything they hold dearly to their hearts.   For   instance, during the war Kien took time and went to talk to a girl he met during the war Lan, she told him that “perhaps you were my first love and it took all this time for me to realize it” (Ninh 54). At this moment, Kie realizes that he has lost one of the most important things in life, the things you love. Since the war took place in his youth he was unable to understand what happiness was. When Kien heard this he “tried to smile but his heart felt constricted” (55). His heart was constricted because the war made him lose the sense of happiness most young people have; his heart closed up because he is still tramautized by his first love Phuong getting raped. Due to this he is unable to connect mentally and emotionally with Lan, because any other sexual encounter would be him betraying Phuong. The second thing that many soldiers lost was themselves.Later in the novel Kien’s best friend Sinh tell himthat he has lost himself in the war, he says that “sometimes I wish I could kill myself and end everything quickly, war has robbed me of the liberty I deserve”(79). Sinh at this point is confined to a wheelchair and has little mobility. At a young age this becomes tramatizing, especially when Sinh cannot stop thinking about the memories of the war. All the bloodshed and all the pain and death is something that clouds his mind and eventually evokes the same emotions he experienced at the time of the events. He has become a slave to the memories and his young mind became filled with loneliness and deceit following the war. Kien in a similar case though not as extreme, believed the war has stolen his life. Upon returning...

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