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The Six Sigma Process Essay

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The Six Sigma Process
INF 342
Timothy Lucas
December 12, 2011

The Six Sigma Process
“Maintaining competitiveness requires organizations to assess their operational techniques and processes continually.” (Downing, 2010 para.1) To achieve quantifiable results there are many organizations implementing a strategy that tweaks there standard work practices into a realm of near perfection. It has been documented that Bill Smith of Motorola pioneered a methodology in 1986 that “was popularized by General Electric (GE) beginning in the mid 1990s.” (Newcombe, 2007 para. 6) The methodology is known as Six Sigma. “Basically, Six Sigma is a business management strategy with a set of quality management tools, aiming to identify and remove defects in business processes” (Kim, 2010 para. 3).
The following pages will address what is involved with each of the five steps in doing a Six Sigma project. There will be verification of an organization that used the Six Sigma model to promote operational change in their axle fabrication methods, and I will show proof of its success. You will see key accomplishments, tasks, or milestones that were experienced at each of the five steps: define, measure, analyze, improve, and control (DMAIC). You will read how Six Sigma methodology is being used in my running project, as-well-as new techniques, tools or methods I have learned during my research that can and will be applied to my project before I finish with a conclusion.
The Five Steps (DMAIC)
The first action in Six Sigma methodology is to put together a Six Sigma project team that can define problem areas. “The team identifies CTQs (critical to quality characteristics) that have the most impact on quality - separating the “vital few” from the “trivial many”- and creates a map of the process to be improved.” (Six, 2011 Define para. 1). Other aspects of the defining stage include: defining the scope and its boundaries, validating the improvement opportunity, identifying...

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