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The Shining Mountain Essay

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  • on April 18, 2015
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Below is an essay on "The Shining Mountain" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.


1. What do you consider to be the most important human qualities in a parent?

a. Individually: Write down four nouns. You may use some of the following words:
  affection - honesty - justice - respect - trust - courage - curiosity - consideration -
  determination - kindness - reliability - sensitivity - generosity - sincerity – tolerance -
  patience - ambition - compassion - pride - understanding - optimism - self-confidence

b. Pairs/groups. Compare and rank your suggestions according to importance. Try to reach agreement.

(   2. How well do you remember the words used in the text? Pair work.
a. Read the extracts aloud (take turns) and fill in the gaps.
b. Compare your choice of word with that of the author. If there is a difference, how do you explain the author's choice of words?

|“Pangma-la,” he said, “I called you after a shining mountain so that you would stand tall and be 1)_proud___. Pangma-La”, he said,         |
|“Scotland has enough 2)_ordinary___ Morags and Janets already.”                                                                           |
|And he pinned a picture of the Shining Mountain on her wall, and told her that one day they would climb it together.                       |
|For Pangma-la's father was a 3)__famous____ mountaineer. She would come back from an 4__normal___ school day and there he would be on the |
|BBC news, planting the Union Jack on a far, far mountain peak. She would sit on an 5)____ordinary______ bus, and hear people say, “Now     |
|there's a 6)___hard_______ man, there's a 7)____hero_________.”                                                                           |
|So Pangma-La dried her tears and vowed never to be 8)______ordinary_______ and 9)____disappoint_________ him.                             |
|As the years passed and Pangma-La grew bigger, her father taught her to balance finely on the high tops of walls, and shin up sheer rocks |
|by toe- and...

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