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The Role of Mass Media in Democratic Political Process Essay

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  • on April 17, 2015
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Q4b. Evaluate the role of mass media in democratic political process.(16)
Ans4:- Mass media is said to play an important role in the political process especially in democracy. It is evident nowadays that the mass media have become something more important than a mere and passive instrument of communication. The depth it has reached and the influence it has in modern liberal democracy has been analysed by many. Mass media has developed its role in such a way that it has actually been established as the Fourth State in the sense that it effectively works as another functional element in the political process. Democracy give freedom of expression, choice and speech which encourage media houses to hold discussions, debates, talks on the current political situation of the country. Democracy gives a wider opportunity to the analysts, anchors and other media personalities to discuss and to go against the current government or the set up. It depends on the democratic parties how they react to the media opinions and talks. Media nowadays is considered the backbone of democracy.
However, media plays a vital role in the politics especially news channels which are made for this cause and the purpose of political talk shows is to criticize, favour and analyze the different political parties on their different perspectives and statements. They highlight public issues and play a vital role in making it reachable to the government and the caretakers. They may discuss solutions that help the government to sort out the issue and in many cases media was the one who sorted out public’s problems and issues.
Mass media has a very prominent role in democratic political process as they are the ones which bridge the gap between the government officials and the public. The mass media has a strong and powerful position in democracy and they are allowed to criticize, analyze and point out government mistakes on various issues. The access to government officials and to their proceedings and...

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