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The Riches of Irish Culture Essay

  • Submitted by: hwlmadams
  • on April 17, 2015
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One would be lead to believe that sine the culture of this country is founded on the various cultural practices of its founding citizens, that the culture of my ancestral country would closely mirror my own.   Surprisingly, this is not the case.   Although my ancestor’s Irish culture was strong when they immigrated to the United States, it has weakened.   Over the generations, it has adapted and evolved into a more “American” culture.   Little about my culture resembles what it was like to be a part of the Irish community that exists in Ireland toady.  
The country of Ireland is rich with history.   Many events have occurred during the history of the country that has influenced culture within the country.   Ireland has a history of migration and immigration, but the majority of the Irish populations are natives to the land.   According to publications, “Modern Irish are chiefly descended from the Celts and constitute 87.4 percent of the population.   Other whites, mainly descended from the Anglo-Normans, make up another 7.5 percent of the population.   The remaining proportion, which has largely immigrated to the island in the past two decades, is composed of 1.3 percent Asian, 1.1 percent black, 1.1 percent mixed, and 1.6 percent unspecified” (Press).
The structure of education within Ireland bares little resemblance to the educational structure present within the United States.   Education for Irish citizens between the ages of 6 and 16 is mandatory, and students are expected to complete three years of secondary school, which is equivalent to high school, before education becomes optional.   In order to promote education within the Irish population, schooling “[…] free at all levels, including university “(Press).   Education is afforded to everyone, which eliminates the social hierarchy of wealth within the education system in Ireland.   Due to the fact that money does not influence an individual’s ability to attend University, the rate of individuals pursuing higher...

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