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The Race Or Survival Essay

  • Submitted by: jasneet
  • on March 22, 2012
  • Category: English
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The race for survival
By: Jasneet Kler
The bombs fell down so quickly that no one knew what to do but run. The entire city had been destroyed in just a matter of second. Houses, buildings and car immediately disappeared like what a magic trick would do. The world that was once filled with life now feels and looks empty. Everything can change in just matter of seconds.   The facial expressions and screams of my fellow classmates will always haunt me. Unfortunately the after affect of the nuclear attack was not so great, there is no place to live to be safe except for a sole bomb shelter. The shelter only has room for 10 people and not everyone will be able to go into it. Although, I know that no life is worth more than the other but since we have to compete for survival I believe I should be saved because of my close communications with the government, my Girl Scout skills, and because of my ability to take control.
To begin, I must be chosen to be saved from the nuclear blast because of my close communications with government of Canada. Since my grandfather is the Governor General, I will have the chance to be exposed to many resources than the normal citizens of Canada, which would help in restoring the province of Ontario. Recently Mary Olson published a book about the favours politicians give their family members. Olson said “politicians will always show favouritism to their family members than they would to the average citizen” Statistics show that 1 in 3 people who live in bomb shelters will not survive but because I am related to the governor general I will be able to improve the living conditions and supplies we get in the bomb shelter greatly, which in the end would benefit my fellow mates who are in the shelter. Therefore, I believe I should be chosen to be saved from the attack because of my relationship with the government.
Secondly, another reason I am a wise choice to be saved from the attack is because of my unique Girl Scout skills. The first aid...

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